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Based on our strong experience within naval architecture and marine innovation, Cefront has developed and commercialised various hull concepts. The Cefront penta design is an innovative and versatile hull type such as CO₂ storage and injection, ammonia storage and power plant and F(P)SO. The hull is characterized by:

  • High deck load capacity with efficient integration of topside modules

  • High storage capacity

  • Geostationary, i.e. no turret and swivel

  • Negligible global bending stresses

  • Efficient construction method

  • Qualified for Steel Catenary Risers (SRC) though model tests

The Cefront penta design features a large rectangular aft deck, which enables a greater separation between safe and hazardous areas, while keeping topside layout simple. 

Excellent hydrodynamic performance with minimal roll, heave and pitch motions.

Versatile design that is easy to tailor and scale in accordance with the project needs for topside size and storage.

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