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Based in the maritime cluster in Southern Norway, Cefront Technology delivers offshore marine technology solutions. We are an independent privately owned marine technology provider focused on early-phase developments.


About Us

Cefront Technology was established in 2013 as an independent technology developer with the goal of developing low-cost and innovative solutions. Our founders have more than 23 year's of shared history, and has through the years introduced a number of new ideas and technologies.

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Since our inception in 2013 we have designed, built and delivered multiple ships and floating installations.

Arendal's maritime history did not start with us, the town was one of the most important maritime centers in Norway in the 19th century, and shipbuilding was a major industry. If you are curious for more on Arendal's maritime history, you can visit our friends over at Bratteklev skipsverft

About Us
fra "Gamle prospektkort fra Arendal", utgitt av Kløckers Hus - Arendal Bymuseum 1984

Solutions and Services

 We offer a wide range of our own designs, developed with focus on motions and buildability. Through our projects we have proven that we are able to deliver innovative, high-quality and cost-effective solutions for the maritime industry.

Cefront Floater

Cefront Floater

The Cefront Floater is designed from the ground up to be a spread moored unit with a high topside capacity and excellent heave, pitch and roll motions. It features a large square deck for easy integration of modules, and is based on flat panel production for low-cost construction and fabrication.

Turret & Mooring

We have developed and patented a range of turret solutions, both internal and external, for safe offloading and quick disconnection.Technology and know-how applicable in oil and gas, renewables and offshore food production


Consulting Services

We offer consulting services in design, technical assistance, hydrodynamic, structural design, problem solving and more, for our partners and customers. Ranging from oil and gas companies, ship owners, fish farming to offshore wind.



Kirkegaten 2A

4836 Tyholmen

(+47) 461 86 000

Thank You for Your Interest

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